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Automatic water System

Automatic watering systems are designed to help make garden watering easy. They help to reduce or completely remove the daily chore of manually walking around the garden with a spray gun watering plant individually. This can be essential if you are planning a short break and need to water your plants whilst away. Watering plants with overhead system washes the leaf and dirt’s that gets deposited on plant and gives better growth to Plants. You will feel a difference in a month.

Instead a series of pipes and drippers are laid out around the garden to take the water from the tap to your plants, this way you simply turn on the tap, or set a timer, or operate system via App and the water is distributed around the garden. The system can be set up to automatically water your beds, borders, pots, hanging baskets or your greenhouse.

These systems can come in complete kits or you can design the systems yourself and buy all the components individually. Kits have the advantage of containing all the basic components needed including a full set of instructions whilst building a system from components will provide a more bespoke solution to meet your exact watering needs. If you purchase a kit then the system can also be extended using the individual components and once the starter kit is set up you will be more familiar with the components and how they fit together to make a system.

If you are planning to build a system from components then buy complete Kit from us and we will guide you online for complete installation. Plus, we have over 03 years of experience of helping customer set up their systems and we are at the end of the phone should you need help in buying or setting up a system. We have watering specialist who will provide consultancy and hep you understand what all you need to start. If required we arrange home visit and complete setup.

A good watering system will be adaptable, extendable, and controllable but still be easy to set up. For this reason we recommend the traditional Micro Irrigation System or the new Easy Drip System.

The system will only be fully automatic by using a timer/ Wifi timer, but this is explained in full below.

Automatic watering systems can also be known as garden watering systems or micro irrigation. Generally, all three terms relate to the same thing although the term irrigation system can also refer to a larger system used to irrigate farmer’s crops.



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